Monday, July 16, 2012

Yay, new scarves!

Scarves are my #1 favorite accessory. I'm having a hard time finding places in my closet for all of my scarves, but I can't stop buying them anyway.

Three new scarves have made their way into my closet (and my heart) as of today.

Let's meet the contestants!:

Scarf number one enjoys moonlit walks and reading novels on the beach. A romantic at heart, all scarf #1 longs for is a sunset-lit kiss with a special someone.

Scarf number two is adventurous and into anything outdoors. Unlike its twin, scarf #1, scarf #2 is into eating healthy, staying trim, and keeping up its urban chicken farm! Scarf #2 is looking for someone who wouldn't mind holding hands while grabbing some backyard eggs for breakfast.

Scarf number three describes itself as "a true product of Southern hospitality". Marry into this scarf's family if you expect home-cooked meals every night! Scarf #3 is simply looking for a cowboy to come so they can gallop their way into love.

A big welcome to all these new scarves in my life! I've felt lost without you.

(All can be purchased at Old Navy.)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nicole Richie's "comfy" style

A Marie Claire article recently featured a few of Nicole Richie's adorable gym outfits.

courtesy of Marie Claire

I quickly realized that those outfits are essentially what mine look like in every day life. (Although I'm not a fan of workout shoes anywhere but actually working out.)

Here are a few cute hoodies and leggings that rival Nicole's style.

On clearance at Aerie

On clearance at Aerie

At men's Old Navy
Various vintage-style sports team pullovers at men's Old Navy

Active-style leggings at Old Navy
See any more Nicole Richie at the gym-esque clothes? Send 'em my way!
And let me know what you think about her style and these alternatives!

Mizzou Spirit

Nothing is more comfortable than a men's t-shirt or sweatshirt. The sleeves are looser, the build is more free-flowing in the tummy region, and the sizes are bigger. (A women's small is more like a men's x-small, etc.)

So when I heard that one of my closest friends was heading to the University of Missouri in the fall, I immediately got on the hunt for a cheap, comfortable piece of spirit wear that I can make use of even when I'm at Western Washington University (where I'll be attending).

I settled on this Old Navy men's t-shirt. I knew that because it was only left in small, it would still be loose and comfortable on me.

But I'm not a fan of t-shirts... The sleeves can look bulky under outerwear and they're just not as comfortable to me as tank tops are.

So I simply took a pair of scissors to it. It was only $5, so why not?

Viola! A comfy, cheap way to show my support.
I think it turned out pretty well. Do any of you share my aversion to t-shirts?

An Introduction

While I spend a considerable amount of time on beauty and fashion channels and blogs, I'm simply too attached to comfort and getting lots of sleep to put a lot of their advice into use. Instead, I live in sweatshirts, leggings, and glasses.
And, oddly enough, the more I wear "comfy" clothes, the more it begins to appeal to me in a fashion sense. I seek out "cute" sweatshirts, I neglect the skirts and jeans in my closet, and stockpile flat boots like no tomorrow.
It no longer makes sense to me to spend extra time on fancy hairstyles and extensive makeup every day; I feel more confident when I feel more comfortable, so I gravitate towards fleece, minimal makeup, and hairstyles taking under 5 minutes to do.
So this is what Sweet Lazy Day will be encompassed of: OOTDs for inspiration as well as tips and tricks to make yourself comfortable and cute in as little time as possible.
Get lazy with me.