Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An Introduction

While I spend a considerable amount of time on beauty and fashion channels and blogs, I'm simply too attached to comfort and getting lots of sleep to put a lot of their advice into use. Instead, I live in sweatshirts, leggings, and glasses.
And, oddly enough, the more I wear "comfy" clothes, the more it begins to appeal to me in a fashion sense. I seek out "cute" sweatshirts, I neglect the skirts and jeans in my closet, and stockpile flat boots like no tomorrow.
It no longer makes sense to me to spend extra time on fancy hairstyles and extensive makeup every day; I feel more confident when I feel more comfortable, so I gravitate towards fleece, minimal makeup, and hairstyles taking under 5 minutes to do.
So this is what Sweet Lazy Day will be encompassed of: OOTDs for inspiration as well as tips and tricks to make yourself comfortable and cute in as little time as possible.
Get lazy with me.

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