Friday, August 31, 2012

My $100 Fall Wish List

#1. Leather jacket

This gorgeous pleather jacket is the perfect mix of edge and classic. The pleather jacket that I already own is definitely a more edgy style, so I'm looking for a more classic, everyday look. Planning on sizing up for layering! (Cost: $34.80)

#2. Denim Jacket
Loving the medium wash of this jacket... It's an easy transition from season to season. Denim jackets are definitely meant to be worn open. And this season, I'm loving the look of hoodie under jacket. (Cost: $26.90)

#3. Burgundy pants

I absolutely need some burgundy in my fall/winter wardrobe for this year... Nina Garcia herself predicted (via Twitter) that burgundy will be the color of the season. I already own a few burgundy lipsticks and nail polishes, but I have yet to pick up any burgundy clothing items! Seriously craving this H&M buy. (Cost: $12.95)

#4. Black ikat-print leggings

I'm obsessed with this H&M buy, specifically in its black variation. I've heard great things about H&M leggings, so I'm dying to pick these up! (Cost: $14.95)

I've been wanting this sweater for at least a year now, and was incredibly put-out when it was pulled from AE shelves last spring. Thank god it's been brought back from the dead by AE Factory Store. Right now it's only $8.40 with a free shipping/30% off promotion (ending 9/3) but it's regularly only $11.99!

This totals up to $102 + tax (and shipping/handling, if applicable).

Monday, August 20, 2012

Personal Post/OOTD

It finally got down to 74 degrees sometime around 2:30 p.m. here, even though today was supposed to hit about 84 degrees. I was so excited about the possibility of finally wearing leggings outside that I threw on a 60 degree-worthy outfit instead of dressing for the appropriate temperature.

In true lazy fashion, I'm not wearing any makeup (but look at how un-red my skin is! I've been using turmeric/olive oil/honey face masks religiously and it's made an incredible difference in my skin tone and overall quality).

Please excuse the unprofessionalism of these photos! It was the only way to fit the whole outfit in.

Scarf: Portland Street Market, purchased on Christmas Eve last year
Shirt: (it's oversized and more sheer in person) PacSun, no longer sold
Leggings: To be honest, I have no idea
Sparkle flats: PacSun, no longer sold
(I'm also wearing a thick white cami under my shirt which I think I got from Target)

This outfit is perfect for those in-between season days. I wore similar outfits a lot during the springtime and will probably wear them again as it begins sneaking into Fall. I apologize that none of these items can be picked up anymore! I'm pretty confident that you'll be able to find similar items almost anywhere, though.

I love outfits like this because it's the epitome of being lazy yet fashionable. Perfect for making trips to the grocery store (like I did) or when you're trying to quickly get to class. I'm so glad that the majority of Fall trends this year are focused around comfort!

Light, cheap (perfect-for-layering) outwear for Fall

I'm all for grabbing a sweater/sweatshirt and a scarf on Fall mornings, but sometimes it can get especially chilly. I tend to think way ahead when it comes to seasons, and "Autumn" lasts for at least half of the year here in the Pacific Northwest. Not only is it my favorite season, but since it's such a disproportionate part of the PNW year, it becomes especially important to plan ahead for.

Here are some great transition pieces for those of us who aren't ready to throw on a heavy winter coat but want something slightly warmer to wear over our sweatshirts.

The Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are appropriate for nearly every season and are classic pieces to pair with both sweaters and sweatshirts. Here are a few cheap options in the denim jacket world.

Look #1

Look #2

Look #3

(Yes, I know, they're all so incredibly similar that it's hard to tell the difference between them. It's all up to you to choose based on color and price preferences! All are under $30.)

The Leather Jacket

Leather jackets can add just the right amount of edge and "fashion" to an outfit. Even if you're just wearing a sweatshirt underneath it, leather jackets convey that you understand what's going on in the fashion world. They also tend to be pretty warm and can be worn over even more "dressed up" outfits!

Look #1

Look #2

Look #3

(Look #3 is the same jacket as #2 but in a different color! I tend to lean towards black leather jackets, but this taupe-colored one is beautiful and would match with quite a few things. I do think that because of its lighter color, it wouldn't be as "Autumn" as the black jacket, but if it was paired with the right accessories I'm sure it would be a great seasonal addition. All leather jackets above are under $40.)


I draw the line when it comes to wearing blazers with sweatshirts. Just don't do it. But if you're planning on wearing a sweater instead, blazers are the perfect item to both dress up the outfit and add a little bit of class and elegance.

Look #1
(Loving how this mustard color pairs with the burgundy of the pants! If mustard isn't quite your style, it also comes in pink, teal, and black.)

Look #2

Look #3

(Blazers priced at $24.80, $27.80, and $32.80, respectively.)

TIP WHEN BUYING THESE FOR LAYERING: Don't forget to size up! Buying two sizes up from the size that usually fits you will make sure that bulky sweater and sweatshirt sleeves will fit comfortably into the sleeves of this outerwear. Don't forget to check F21's plus line for more great options. (I'm seriously considering buying some of their great jackets even though I'm usually around a medium in clothing.)

Hope you guys are gearing up for Fall as much as I am and appreciate these options!

I'm having the most difficult time finding a great new bag for school.

I have a checklist that's unwavering, but I thought it'd be easy to find bags that match its description! As it turns out, I've only found a few that come close. And as school starts in exactly a month, I'm going to have to make sure to find one soon!

Bag checklist:
1. Is able to be zipped up at the top.
Because I live in Washington state, it's constantly raining. This last year, I loved my bag, but as it had an open top, my papers and books were always getting wet and wrinkled. I rent most of my textbooks and I ended up having to pay to buy one because there was too much water damage for the company to re-sell it! It was around $70 extra to purchase the book, so I'm determined not to pay all that extra money this year simply because my bag doesn't zip!

2. Has a water-resistant material, preferably pleather or leather.
For pretty much the same reasons as checklist item #1.

3. Has a crossbody or shoulder strap.
It's so much more comfortable to wear a crossbody! I'll be making a lot of trips by foot this year as I won't be bringing my car with me to campus, so equal weight distribution to both sides of my body is very desirable.

4. Is black.
The majority of my boots, probably 3/4 of the bunch, are black. A good portion of my jackets and sweatshirts are black, too. I do have a few brown items, but for the most part they work with black leather. It would just make a lot more sense for me to buy a black bag than a brightly colored or brown bag.

5. Is big enough to fit my spiral-bound notebooks and organizer, as well as other school supplies.
I honestly don't understand why so many bags are being made so "almost big enough" these days! A bag exactly as big or slightly smaller than a piece of paper will definitely not hold everything that I want it to. I want a reasonably sized bag that can fit everything I need it to!

6. Is cute and reasonably priced.
I've run across quite a few other bags that have been very "eh" looking and more expensive than I'm willing to pay! I'd like to keep the pricing under $25, but I'd be willing to run into the $30's if the situation arises.

There are two contenders at this moment and I'm leaning more towards the H&M option simply because of pricing.

This F21 item is priced at $32.80 and measures out at 15" H x 20" W x 7" D. I love the sizing but it's slightly more expensive than I'd like it to be and it isn't a crossbody! I could always buy a cheap, small bag with a detachable crossbody strap and add it on, but that would raise the price more towards $50, which makes me cringe. No F21 bag is worth $50. The design is also very "eh" but classic enough that it would be a long wear option if it lasted awhile.

This second option is from H&M. It's considerably smaller than the F21 bag at 12 1/2 by 14 inches (which I'm thinking would just barely work), but it's only $24.95 and I'm in love with the sleek and structured look. It also features more pockets and a detachable crossbody strap!

Which one do you think is a better buy? And do you have any better options that you can throw my way? If the H&M bag was only a few inches bigger, I'd definitely just go with that one. But I want to make sure that my bag can carry everything so that I don't have to carry things by hand!

I seriously need help with this one, you guys.

H&M Autumn Cravings

As of the last month or so, I've been intently longing for it to finally be Autumn again. It's my favorite season by far; it has Thanksgiving, falling leaves, and cold enough days to wrap up in warm blankets and to pile on the knitwear.

Here in Washington state, it's been much too hot for my liking (although it's not nearly as warm as in the rest of the country). I'm ready for oversized sweaters and scarves, boots and warm gloves, and headwraps and hot coffee! (Yeah, I know that hot coffee isn't technically an item of fashion, but that doesn't mean that I don't long it just as much.)

Weirdly, even though it's late August already, H&M seems to be the only store with offerings hardy enough for the colder seasons! Even Forever21's "fall" items are extremely lightweight and brightly colored. H&M, however, has a store filled with sturdy knits, neutrals, and burgundies.

Here's a list of the H&M items I long for the most.

This lovely scarf comes in this gorgeous pale pink as well as beige, bright blue, and black. It hails in at just under $13.

This knit headwrap in beige reminds me of a baguette in the most delicious way. It also comes in black and bright blue, colors just a little less bread-like. At only $7, it'll keep both your ears and your outfit hot.
These gloves are very Audrey Hepburn-esque; they'll add the perfect touch of class and elegance to your outfit. They'll also match with nearly everything you put on. If you're looking for slightly bolder hands, these gloves come in coral, green, and camel as well.

H&M has two similar-looking tube scarves for sale. The first, at just under $10, is in my opinion slightly classier-looking than the other at around $15. I'm on the fence about whether I would pick up either of these scarves, though, because although I think they're both beautiful, I wish that they could be wrapped around more than once. But then again, I do tend to lean more towards oversized styles.

This just-under-$10 style seems thicker and comes in a wider range of colors. This scarf is available in black, bright red, and a slightly heathered grey as well as this dark beige color.

This second, more expensive, scarf is thinner than the other and has a pointelle-style knit pattern. While it does come in this military-esque olive green, I'd have to say that the first tube scarf definitely wins in this showdown.

I'm absolutely in love with these burgundy pants. As they're made out of 98% cotton and 2% elastane, I'm under the impression that they're soft and comfy. Don't forget to size up when purchasing though, as cotton tends to shrink in the wash! Oh, and did I mention each pair is only $12.95? That seems like a no-brainer purchase to me!

These ikat-printed ombre leggings would add the perfect pop of wow to any outfit. Because the pattern is only on the lower portion of the legs, it avoids drawing attention to thighs (which I personally appreciate). The only disappointment that comes with these leggings is that wearing tall boots with them would hide quite a bit of the pattern!
It comes in a few other colors as well, but H&M doesn't have updated photos of the other colors on their website. I think I'll be mostly interested in picking up this black pair, anyway. They're priced at $14.95 each!

There are quite a few great sweaters as well, but I'm too interested in the AE Factory sweaters to take a long look! Here's a nice sweater for only $14.95 for those who want a glimpse of what H&M sweaters are like.

This four-pack of gorgeous studs is only $3.95 and definitely on my to-buy list. While not strictly "fall", adding a pair of studs can add just the right amount of extra pop to an outfit.

You can check out the H&M online site for more of what it has to offer, but sadly US citizens can only make purchases in-store. Be sure to go in and look around at one near you!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lately, I've been on the hunt for sweaters.

But unfortunately, most of the sweaters sold right now are seasonally appropriate... Incredibly light, sheer, and often with wide stitching.

I'm looking for warm, cozy sweaters to gear up for fall... But I'm not okay with spending "new clothes" prices. That was why I was so excited to find out about AE's Factory Store, now online!

The Factory Store stocks limited sizes of limited items from a few seasons ago. Luckily, I was pining over some of the items now on sale when they first came out!

Here's a few sweaters for the ladies (like me) that are looking for that incredibly loose fit in cozy, warm sweaters.

These first three are the same sweater in different colors. I love each color and, at only $12 per sweater, you can't go wrong with buying all three!

This sweater is slightly different than the others... There are cute pointelle details along the shoulder, sleeves and waist area! What an adorable touch to such a classic, white sweater.

Normally I'm not a fan of the classic AE sweatshirts. I feel like they can look incredibly immature. To be frank, they remind me a lot of something that a middle schooler or a freshman in high school would wear. But this sweatshirt is found in the extra 50% of the Factory Store, meaning that it's priced at around $7.50.
I say throw a scarf over the top to hide the logo area and enjoy how soft and comfy it is! 

All of these sweatshirts and sweaters are mostly available in large or extra-large sizes. Personally, I like my sweaters over-sized and comfy. Something about wearing a giant sweater with a scarf on top just reminds me of cuddling up in a giant blanket at home.

If you're like me and are looking forward to the cold seasons yet to come, jump on these fantastic deals! Similar styles will be offered when the season finally rolls around, but with much higher prices than these. All the items above were originally priced at $29.50 to $44.50... That means the current prices are 60 to 75% off!

You can buy everything shown above for $58.50. With their original prices, it would have cost a total of $195! (Not including taxes and shipping/handling.)

Other items found at the Factory Store include jeans, shoes, shirts, and accessories. Men's items are available as well. Go check it out!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Yay, new scarves!

Scarves are my #1 favorite accessory. I'm having a hard time finding places in my closet for all of my scarves, but I can't stop buying them anyway.

Three new scarves have made their way into my closet (and my heart) as of today.

Let's meet the contestants!:

Scarf number one enjoys moonlit walks and reading novels on the beach. A romantic at heart, all scarf #1 longs for is a sunset-lit kiss with a special someone.

Scarf number two is adventurous and into anything outdoors. Unlike its twin, scarf #1, scarf #2 is into eating healthy, staying trim, and keeping up its urban chicken farm! Scarf #2 is looking for someone who wouldn't mind holding hands while grabbing some backyard eggs for breakfast.

Scarf number three describes itself as "a true product of Southern hospitality". Marry into this scarf's family if you expect home-cooked meals every night! Scarf #3 is simply looking for a cowboy to come so they can gallop their way into love.

A big welcome to all these new scarves in my life! I've felt lost without you.

(All can be purchased at Old Navy.)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nicole Richie's "comfy" style

A Marie Claire article recently featured a few of Nicole Richie's adorable gym outfits.

courtesy of Marie Claire

I quickly realized that those outfits are essentially what mine look like in every day life. (Although I'm not a fan of workout shoes anywhere but actually working out.)

Here are a few cute hoodies and leggings that rival Nicole's style.

On clearance at Aerie

On clearance at Aerie

At men's Old Navy
Various vintage-style sports team pullovers at men's Old Navy

Active-style leggings at Old Navy
See any more Nicole Richie at the gym-esque clothes? Send 'em my way!
And let me know what you think about her style and these alternatives!

Mizzou Spirit

Nothing is more comfortable than a men's t-shirt or sweatshirt. The sleeves are looser, the build is more free-flowing in the tummy region, and the sizes are bigger. (A women's small is more like a men's x-small, etc.)

So when I heard that one of my closest friends was heading to the University of Missouri in the fall, I immediately got on the hunt for a cheap, comfortable piece of spirit wear that I can make use of even when I'm at Western Washington University (where I'll be attending).

I settled on this Old Navy men's t-shirt. I knew that because it was only left in small, it would still be loose and comfortable on me.

But I'm not a fan of t-shirts... The sleeves can look bulky under outerwear and they're just not as comfortable to me as tank tops are.

So I simply took a pair of scissors to it. It was only $5, so why not?

Viola! A comfy, cheap way to show my support.
I think it turned out pretty well. Do any of you share my aversion to t-shirts?

An Introduction

While I spend a considerable amount of time on beauty and fashion channels and blogs, I'm simply too attached to comfort and getting lots of sleep to put a lot of their advice into use. Instead, I live in sweatshirts, leggings, and glasses.
And, oddly enough, the more I wear "comfy" clothes, the more it begins to appeal to me in a fashion sense. I seek out "cute" sweatshirts, I neglect the skirts and jeans in my closet, and stockpile flat boots like no tomorrow.
It no longer makes sense to me to spend extra time on fancy hairstyles and extensive makeup every day; I feel more confident when I feel more comfortable, so I gravitate towards fleece, minimal makeup, and hairstyles taking under 5 minutes to do.
So this is what Sweet Lazy Day will be encompassed of: OOTDs for inspiration as well as tips and tricks to make yourself comfortable and cute in as little time as possible.
Get lazy with me.