Monday, July 16, 2012

Yay, new scarves!

Scarves are my #1 favorite accessory. I'm having a hard time finding places in my closet for all of my scarves, but I can't stop buying them anyway.

Three new scarves have made their way into my closet (and my heart) as of today.

Let's meet the contestants!:

Scarf number one enjoys moonlit walks and reading novels on the beach. A romantic at heart, all scarf #1 longs for is a sunset-lit kiss with a special someone.

Scarf number two is adventurous and into anything outdoors. Unlike its twin, scarf #1, scarf #2 is into eating healthy, staying trim, and keeping up its urban chicken farm! Scarf #2 is looking for someone who wouldn't mind holding hands while grabbing some backyard eggs for breakfast.

Scarf number three describes itself as "a true product of Southern hospitality". Marry into this scarf's family if you expect home-cooked meals every night! Scarf #3 is simply looking for a cowboy to come so they can gallop their way into love.

A big welcome to all these new scarves in my life! I've felt lost without you.

(All can be purchased at Old Navy.)

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