Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lately, I've been on the hunt for sweaters.

But unfortunately, most of the sweaters sold right now are seasonally appropriate... Incredibly light, sheer, and often with wide stitching.

I'm looking for warm, cozy sweaters to gear up for fall... But I'm not okay with spending "new clothes" prices. That was why I was so excited to find out about AE's Factory Store, now online!

The Factory Store stocks limited sizes of limited items from a few seasons ago. Luckily, I was pining over some of the items now on sale when they first came out!

Here's a few sweaters for the ladies (like me) that are looking for that incredibly loose fit in cozy, warm sweaters.

These first three are the same sweater in different colors. I love each color and, at only $12 per sweater, you can't go wrong with buying all three!

This sweater is slightly different than the others... There are cute pointelle details along the shoulder, sleeves and waist area! What an adorable touch to such a classic, white sweater.

Normally I'm not a fan of the classic AE sweatshirts. I feel like they can look incredibly immature. To be frank, they remind me a lot of something that a middle schooler or a freshman in high school would wear. But this sweatshirt is found in the extra 50% of the Factory Store, meaning that it's priced at around $7.50.
I say throw a scarf over the top to hide the logo area and enjoy how soft and comfy it is! 

All of these sweatshirts and sweaters are mostly available in large or extra-large sizes. Personally, I like my sweaters over-sized and comfy. Something about wearing a giant sweater with a scarf on top just reminds me of cuddling up in a giant blanket at home.

If you're like me and are looking forward to the cold seasons yet to come, jump on these fantastic deals! Similar styles will be offered when the season finally rolls around, but with much higher prices than these. All the items above were originally priced at $29.50 to $44.50... That means the current prices are 60 to 75% off!

You can buy everything shown above for $58.50. With their original prices, it would have cost a total of $195! (Not including taxes and shipping/handling.)

Other items found at the Factory Store include jeans, shoes, shirts, and accessories. Men's items are available as well. Go check it out!

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