Monday, August 20, 2012

H&M Autumn Cravings

As of the last month or so, I've been intently longing for it to finally be Autumn again. It's my favorite season by far; it has Thanksgiving, falling leaves, and cold enough days to wrap up in warm blankets and to pile on the knitwear.

Here in Washington state, it's been much too hot for my liking (although it's not nearly as warm as in the rest of the country). I'm ready for oversized sweaters and scarves, boots and warm gloves, and headwraps and hot coffee! (Yeah, I know that hot coffee isn't technically an item of fashion, but that doesn't mean that I don't long it just as much.)

Weirdly, even though it's late August already, H&M seems to be the only store with offerings hardy enough for the colder seasons! Even Forever21's "fall" items are extremely lightweight and brightly colored. H&M, however, has a store filled with sturdy knits, neutrals, and burgundies.

Here's a list of the H&M items I long for the most.

This lovely scarf comes in this gorgeous pale pink as well as beige, bright blue, and black. It hails in at just under $13.

This knit headwrap in beige reminds me of a baguette in the most delicious way. It also comes in black and bright blue, colors just a little less bread-like. At only $7, it'll keep both your ears and your outfit hot.
These gloves are very Audrey Hepburn-esque; they'll add the perfect touch of class and elegance to your outfit. They'll also match with nearly everything you put on. If you're looking for slightly bolder hands, these gloves come in coral, green, and camel as well.

H&M has two similar-looking tube scarves for sale. The first, at just under $10, is in my opinion slightly classier-looking than the other at around $15. I'm on the fence about whether I would pick up either of these scarves, though, because although I think they're both beautiful, I wish that they could be wrapped around more than once. But then again, I do tend to lean more towards oversized styles.

This just-under-$10 style seems thicker and comes in a wider range of colors. This scarf is available in black, bright red, and a slightly heathered grey as well as this dark beige color.

This second, more expensive, scarf is thinner than the other and has a pointelle-style knit pattern. While it does come in this military-esque olive green, I'd have to say that the first tube scarf definitely wins in this showdown.

I'm absolutely in love with these burgundy pants. As they're made out of 98% cotton and 2% elastane, I'm under the impression that they're soft and comfy. Don't forget to size up when purchasing though, as cotton tends to shrink in the wash! Oh, and did I mention each pair is only $12.95? That seems like a no-brainer purchase to me!

These ikat-printed ombre leggings would add the perfect pop of wow to any outfit. Because the pattern is only on the lower portion of the legs, it avoids drawing attention to thighs (which I personally appreciate). The only disappointment that comes with these leggings is that wearing tall boots with them would hide quite a bit of the pattern!
It comes in a few other colors as well, but H&M doesn't have updated photos of the other colors on their website. I think I'll be mostly interested in picking up this black pair, anyway. They're priced at $14.95 each!

There are quite a few great sweaters as well, but I'm too interested in the AE Factory sweaters to take a long look! Here's a nice sweater for only $14.95 for those who want a glimpse of what H&M sweaters are like.

This four-pack of gorgeous studs is only $3.95 and definitely on my to-buy list. While not strictly "fall", adding a pair of studs can add just the right amount of extra pop to an outfit.

You can check out the H&M online site for more of what it has to offer, but sadly US citizens can only make purchases in-store. Be sure to go in and look around at one near you!

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