Friday, August 31, 2012

My $100 Fall Wish List

#1. Leather jacket

This gorgeous pleather jacket is the perfect mix of edge and classic. The pleather jacket that I already own is definitely a more edgy style, so I'm looking for a more classic, everyday look. Planning on sizing up for layering! (Cost: $34.80)

#2. Denim Jacket
Loving the medium wash of this jacket... It's an easy transition from season to season. Denim jackets are definitely meant to be worn open. And this season, I'm loving the look of hoodie under jacket. (Cost: $26.90)

#3. Burgundy pants

I absolutely need some burgundy in my fall/winter wardrobe for this year... Nina Garcia herself predicted (via Twitter) that burgundy will be the color of the season. I already own a few burgundy lipsticks and nail polishes, but I have yet to pick up any burgundy clothing items! Seriously craving this H&M buy. (Cost: $12.95)

#4. Black ikat-print leggings

I'm obsessed with this H&M buy, specifically in its black variation. I've heard great things about H&M leggings, so I'm dying to pick these up! (Cost: $14.95)

I've been wanting this sweater for at least a year now, and was incredibly put-out when it was pulled from AE shelves last spring. Thank god it's been brought back from the dead by AE Factory Store. Right now it's only $8.40 with a free shipping/30% off promotion (ending 9/3) but it's regularly only $11.99!

This totals up to $102 + tax (and shipping/handling, if applicable).

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