Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm having the most difficult time finding a great new bag for school.

I have a checklist that's unwavering, but I thought it'd be easy to find bags that match its description! As it turns out, I've only found a few that come close. And as school starts in exactly a month, I'm going to have to make sure to find one soon!

Bag checklist:
1. Is able to be zipped up at the top.
Because I live in Washington state, it's constantly raining. This last year, I loved my bag, but as it had an open top, my papers and books were always getting wet and wrinkled. I rent most of my textbooks and I ended up having to pay to buy one because there was too much water damage for the company to re-sell it! It was around $70 extra to purchase the book, so I'm determined not to pay all that extra money this year simply because my bag doesn't zip!

2. Has a water-resistant material, preferably pleather or leather.
For pretty much the same reasons as checklist item #1.

3. Has a crossbody or shoulder strap.
It's so much more comfortable to wear a crossbody! I'll be making a lot of trips by foot this year as I won't be bringing my car with me to campus, so equal weight distribution to both sides of my body is very desirable.

4. Is black.
The majority of my boots, probably 3/4 of the bunch, are black. A good portion of my jackets and sweatshirts are black, too. I do have a few brown items, but for the most part they work with black leather. It would just make a lot more sense for me to buy a black bag than a brightly colored or brown bag.

5. Is big enough to fit my spiral-bound notebooks and organizer, as well as other school supplies.
I honestly don't understand why so many bags are being made so "almost big enough" these days! A bag exactly as big or slightly smaller than a piece of paper will definitely not hold everything that I want it to. I want a reasonably sized bag that can fit everything I need it to!

6. Is cute and reasonably priced.
I've run across quite a few other bags that have been very "eh" looking and more expensive than I'm willing to pay! I'd like to keep the pricing under $25, but I'd be willing to run into the $30's if the situation arises.

There are two contenders at this moment and I'm leaning more towards the H&M option simply because of pricing.

This F21 item is priced at $32.80 and measures out at 15" H x 20" W x 7" D. I love the sizing but it's slightly more expensive than I'd like it to be and it isn't a crossbody! I could always buy a cheap, small bag with a detachable crossbody strap and add it on, but that would raise the price more towards $50, which makes me cringe. No F21 bag is worth $50. The design is also very "eh" but classic enough that it would be a long wear option if it lasted awhile.

This second option is from H&M. It's considerably smaller than the F21 bag at 12 1/2 by 14 inches (which I'm thinking would just barely work), but it's only $24.95 and I'm in love with the sleek and structured look. It also features more pockets and a detachable crossbody strap!

Which one do you think is a better buy? And do you have any better options that you can throw my way? If the H&M bag was only a few inches bigger, I'd definitely just go with that one. But I want to make sure that my bag can carry everything so that I don't have to carry things by hand!

I seriously need help with this one, you guys.

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