Monday, August 20, 2012

Personal Post/OOTD

It finally got down to 74 degrees sometime around 2:30 p.m. here, even though today was supposed to hit about 84 degrees. I was so excited about the possibility of finally wearing leggings outside that I threw on a 60 degree-worthy outfit instead of dressing for the appropriate temperature.

In true lazy fashion, I'm not wearing any makeup (but look at how un-red my skin is! I've been using turmeric/olive oil/honey face masks religiously and it's made an incredible difference in my skin tone and overall quality).

Please excuse the unprofessionalism of these photos! It was the only way to fit the whole outfit in.

Scarf: Portland Street Market, purchased on Christmas Eve last year
Shirt: (it's oversized and more sheer in person) PacSun, no longer sold
Leggings: To be honest, I have no idea
Sparkle flats: PacSun, no longer sold
(I'm also wearing a thick white cami under my shirt which I think I got from Target)

This outfit is perfect for those in-between season days. I wore similar outfits a lot during the springtime and will probably wear them again as it begins sneaking into Fall. I apologize that none of these items can be picked up anymore! I'm pretty confident that you'll be able to find similar items almost anywhere, though.

I love outfits like this because it's the epitome of being lazy yet fashionable. Perfect for making trips to the grocery store (like I did) or when you're trying to quickly get to class. I'm so glad that the majority of Fall trends this year are focused around comfort!

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